SALT Scholarships Available for Leaders, Potential Leaders, and Senior School Instructors

Denver Group Council (DGC) has approved a support aid for leader training (SALT) program that will allow potential leaders and current leaders to qualify for a variety of CMC Denver Schools based on active membership or the number of qualifying trips led within a rolling 12-15 month period.
School Instructors who lead school field trips may use the school field trips as qualifying trips. Qualifying trips must be listed in the CMC Activity Schedule on-line. Qualifying trips can only be used once.
Potential leaders are required to complete Wilderness First Aid (WFA) prior to completing Trip Leader School (TLS). The requirement for WFA is simply to be an active CMC Denver member. The TLS requirement is to participate in 3 trips (hike, snowshoe, and/or ski), complete WFA prior to TLS enrollment, and be a member for one year. Click here for the application.

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