Great Camping Spots in Colorado to Escape the City

Colorado, a place of majestic beauty, wilderness, and wildness, is a wonderful state to explore. Whether you want to scale one of Colorado’s 58 mountains that reach over 14,000 feet (the 14ers) or fish in burbling streams or view the incredible Milky Way at night, you’ll find your getaway. Here are some wonderful memory-making camping spots.

The best site in the Rocky Mountain National Park is the Moraine Park Campground with awe inspiring views from almost every campsite. 

  • You can hike, bike or ride a horse along rivers and lakes, up mountains and through meadows.
  • This campground is open all year long, perfect for cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. 
  • Wildlife is plentiful. The chipmunks are friendly and deer wander close. 
  • Trails to Alberta Falls or one of the multiple lakes are particularly gorgeous in the fall.

Two of the most photographed mountains in Colorado, the Maroon Bells are twin peaks that look like bells and are colored…well, maroon. 

  • The color is due to oxidized hematite in the soft mudstone.
  • Unlike most of the Rockies, the Bells are sedimentary rock, formed from the weathering of the range called the Ancient Rockies.
  • Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak are two of Colorado’s 14ers.
  • There are several campgrounds in the area. Campsites go quickly. Get reservations now.
  • Well-kept trails trails lead to Maroon Lake, Maroon Creek and Crater Lake.
  • During the winter, the T-Lazy-7 Ranch offers snowmobile tours of the Bells

Close to Steamboat Springs and to two hot springs resorts, Buffalo Pass is a dirt road that climbs to over 10,000 feet.

  • Trails lead to Summit Lake at the top of the pass. 
  • There are campgrounds close to town and at Summit Lake. 
  • Kayaking and self-powered boating is permitted on the lake, along with fishing.
  • The views from the top of the pass of the North Park and Yampa valleys are breathtaking. 
  • Be cautious at the top. Be aware of the symptoms of altitude sickness at these elevations. 
  • Watch the weather carefully. Sudden storms can appear out of nowhere. 
  • And bring industrial strength mosquito repellant.

For a different experience, Great Sand Dunes National Park is unique. The park includes trails through aspen and pine forest and into the Sangre de Cristo Range. 

  • You can sandboard down the tallest dunes in the country – over 700 feet. Be careful though. The sands can get very hot.
  • Sleds and sandboards are available for rent.
  • In the spring and early summer, Medano Creek creates a beach at the bottom of the dunes.
  • Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sit at night watching the spectacular starry sky.
  • The park is dog-friendly.

When snow falls on Shavano Mountain, named for Chief Shavano of the Utes, the form of an angel appears.

  • The campground is small with only 20 sites. No reservations are taken. First come, first served.
  • Set in a spruce and aspen forest along a stream, the sites have gorgeous views.
  • Hiking, biking, climbing, fishing are the main recreational activities.
  • The elevation is 9200 feet. Watch for signs of altitude sickness.

Each of these locations will give you days of tranquility and rest or adventure and excitement. Your choice. Create wonderful memories and take incredible photos while you enjoy some of the most majestic scenery on earth.

Here Are a Few of the Best Food Trucks in Denver

Everyone loves a good food truck; they are fast, relatively inexpensive, and fun. The experience they provide is vastly different from that of your normal restaurant, and oftentimes, you’ll find a diamond in the rough. 

In the great city of Denver, a number of food trucks are worth your time and money. However, knowing which ones merit your attention can be difficult to determine. As a result, I have wedged into this article a few of the best food trucks in Denver that specialize in the following areas:

• Tacos
• Indian food

Tacos (Denver Taco Truck)

For all of you taco lovers, one stop at the Denver Taco Truck will have you coming back for more. They pride themselves on fresh ingredients, fast service, and food that is made upon the time of order. 

The Denver Taco Truck, while being a delicious choice, also has a very large menu, which makes it stand out amongst its competitors. If you don’t like the traditional beef taco, have no fear – they have a wide array of choices just for you.

Try their New York strip option, or how about their Teriyaki chicken? If that still does not impress, give the white fish with pineapple salsa a try. No matter what your taste buds desire, it would seem as though there is a choice that is just right for you. 

Indian food (Taj Palace Food Truck)

Taj Palace Food Truck is a great choice for those of you wanting to delve into something unique and different, or for those of you who love making Indian food a reoccurring choice. Taj Palace Food Truck stands out among the crowd and blazes its own trail. 

With authentic Indian food scattered throughout their menu, you can be sure your tasting experience will be unparalleled at Taj Palace Food Truck. For those of you who love curry dishes, here is a great choice for you! You can select either their lamb or their chicken curry.

If you are in the mood for something sweet, try the Gulab Jamun. This delicious doughnut is like none other. It is a milk donut that is soaked in syrup. I’ll warn you – don’t try it if you only want to eat just one.  

BBQ (The Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck)

The Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck is a great food truck option for BBQ lovers. Enjoy some of the greatest BBQ in the city from a humble little truck. The team over at Pig Rig has over two decades of experience that they bring to the table. 

This experience, mixed with a BBQ-style approach to making food, will surely impress even those who only minutely enjoy the flavor of BBQ. Enjoy roasted pork, braised brisket, blackened chicken, and even a veggie burger.

If you make a stop at the Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck, make sure not to forget some of their classic BBQ sides such as macaroni and cheese or baked beans.


Whether your senses are driving you toward a tasty taco meal or a traditional BBQ dish, there are undoubtedly great food truck options for you in Denver. If you still find yourself unsatisfied, walk down to the Taj Palace Food Truck and step out of your comfort zone. You will be glad you did.

How Acupuncture Can Be A Part of Staying Fit And Healthy

Today’s environment has shifted with businesses opting to move workers remotely, and more people are staying home and staying socially distanced. This has left people with less human interaction and looking at alternative methods to staying fit and healthy. 

With gyms closing and doctors’ offices increasing their pre-appointment protocols, many people are looking for more natural approaches to address their well-being. Acupuncture is becoming a popular option to maintain their health. 

Acupuncture is a popular practice from the Chinese where small needles are inserted into the skin for treatment. It offers a number of benefits by offering a natural treatment without the use of drugs or medicine. 

Fighting Pains and Aches

Acupuncture can address the aches and pains that you may be feeling without the side effects that often come with medications such as drowsiness or upset stomach. Many people will turn to holistic alternatives before turning to another pill to pop. 

Doctor visits and prescriptions often get expensive, and many people avoid taking medications for various reasons. People are turning to natural remedies like acupuncture as the results feel safer and more cost-effective. 

Common Illnesses That Acupuncture Can Help

Flu season is among us, and many over-the-counter medications are flying off of the shelves faster than some pharmacies can keep up. Respiratory illnesses like the common cold, flu, and Sinusitis can all be treated with regular acupuncture treatments. 

Maybe you have issues with your eyes that you can’t seem to find any relief for. Central Retinitis and Acute Conjunctivitis are two conditions that can benefit from treatments such as acupuncture. This natural approach to treatment will help to improve your eye health without the use of any drugs or medicine. 

Acupuncture and Mental Health

Some of us are suffering from depression or stress, and doctors seem oh, so willing to prescribe whatever hot anti-depressant that is being pushed by the drug companies. These mental problems can even be manifested in the aches and pains that were mentioned earlier. For this very reason, acupuncture is a good alternative to common approaches that are typically the given standard of care. 

Hormonal imbalances are noted for both males and females, occur at various ages, and are often aligned with discomforts such as mood swings, lack of energy, reduced libido, irregular menstrual cycles, and infertility. 

Many people think of hormonal imbalances when discussing reproduction, such as estrogen or testosterone, but the human body is susceptible to other imbalances as well. 

The hormones in your body are messengers that help to regulate sleep, metabolism, the immune system, reproduction, energy levels, etc. They help to support the alignment of various bodily systems that affect the body adversely when imbalanced. 

Hormonal imbalances can bring on weight gain or weight loss, fatigue, and depression and wreak havoc on the body and well-being. Acupuncturists that are knowledgeable in the endocrine system can help restore your body to its proper state without adding any medications that could create more side effects. 

Weight Loss

There have not been many studies published on how acupuncture assists in weight loss directly. However, various acupuncture approaches can assist with elements leading to weight loss itself, making it a great, natural option.  

Acupuncture enthusiasts believe that it can stimulate the energy flow in the body to lower stress, increase metabolism, and reduce appetite. Acupuncturists will often use ear acupuncture as it is thought to be the target for food cravings.  

As with anything else in life, results are seen due to the consistency of use. Many acupuncture practitioners will recommend a series of visits in order to complete the treatment that is suggested. The results will not come overnight or after one visit. 

If acupuncture treatment is something that you are interested in investigating, find a local acupuncture practitioner in your area that you can trust. 

By explaining your concerns and offering complete transparency, the acupuncture practitioner should be able to create a plan for you that assists in relieving your symptoms and works within your budget.