The State Capital of Colorado is definitely the best place to live. With its diverse mix of urban excitement and Rocky Mountain charm, it’s no wonder why locals and visitors love its neighborhoods. Its tourist attractions blend seamlessly with stunning viewpoints, local and global restaurants, collections of homes that you’ll surely love, each with its unique flair and style. You’ll want to take advantage of its easy access to public transportation, highways, and the city’s easy walkability. 

We’ve taken note of some of the hippest neighborhoods to live in Denver. 


This neighborhood is known for having plenty of ethnic restaurants, cafes, shops, and modern-designed houses. With its proximity to the Highlands, this neighborhood offers great views that can be seen from just about every home. You’ll get to enjoy places here that are loved by locals and travelers alike, such as Bacon Social House. Some of the most popular attractions in Denver sit in this very neighborhood, all while preserving its richly filled history.

The quiet and family-friendly neighborhood of Sunnyside has easy access to Interstate 25 and I-70. You can bike ride downtown or hop on one of many bus routes that go through here. There are easy on-street parking spaces, so you don’t need to worry about your car. 


This hip and trendy neighborhood has made a distinction for being dubbed as RINO or “Where art is made”. It has colorful murals that add beauty all around the area. If you love art with a combination of remarkable restoration and urban charm, then RINO is the spot you’re looking for. 

This is one of the top 10 must-visit neighborhoods in the United States. Art galleries, dining places, house jazz bars, working studios, and brewpubs make this residential area a bit lively. Having its own unique character and an artistic vibe, RINO is undoubtedly one of Denver’s coolest neighborhoods.


Fun shops, enticing public house, streets that you can stroll, and Elitch Garden is what usually comes into mind if you hear the word Highland. But there’s more into that. You can find victorian homes and buildings bordering the neighborhood. With its luxurious amenities, this vibrant and family-friendly neighborhood has been one of the best places to live for a while. 

There’s no shortage of things to do around this neighborhood, with its rich history that would surely provide you all you’re looking for.


This residential district is filled with a bohemian vibe and is dotted with stately old mansions. As soon as you set your foot in this neighborhood, you’ll see a vibrant mix of culture, arts, and Colorado history. Some of Denver’s finest museums can be found here, along with historic galleries, museums, fine-art studios, restaurants, coffeehouses and bistros, and specialty stores. After dark, late-night coffee houses and hip bars make this area come alive. This funky neighborhood is also nearby some fun places to check out, sites like the Denver Botanical Garden, Denver Selfie Museum, ScooTours Denver Scooter Rental, and more.

It’s no secret why the neighborhood is a great place to live for you and your family.

If you are thinking of moving or visiting one of these parts of towns, you’ve made a wise decision. If you need help finding a reliable real estate agent in the city, here are some tips for finding one. Really, there are plenty of trendy neighborhoods in Denver, each with diverse homes, businesses, and buildings, but you can’t go wrong with one of the ones mentioned above. 

In reality, most residential areas in Denver offer superb amenities, recreational centers, community parks, and activities. If you are wondering about the schools, some neighborhoods have a high-end educational system, both private and public schools. Whether visiting town or calling it home, be sure to explore, because this city has a ton to offer. 


There’s a seemingly endless collection of the best hiking places with spectacular views. Short driving time to the mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and beautiful places to hike. Colorado is very popular for its diverse array of beauty from the easy and short trail of Denver’s Iconic Red Rock Parks, to the High Country Rocky Mountain National park that requires a long drive. Just bring your pet or your loved ones and enjoy the ride.

Today, we’re going to talk more about the best hiking trails in Denver that you shouldn’t miss out if you love adventure and mind-blowing scenery. 


Difficulty: 7
Distance from Denver: 39 miles

Elk Falls is one of Staunton State Park’s hidden gem. This falls passes through massive granite and large ponderosa pine. Elk Falls is prominent for being the tallest waterfall begins which elevates at 8,200 feet and gains an addition of nine-hundred feet. Nearly 4000 acres offers a lot of cool things for you and your family to enjoy, including streams to cool your feet off in, a well-varied natural rock climbing area, and of course if you love fishing, then Elk Falls Pond is the right place to go.

Tired and hungry from hiking?  Taspen’s Cosmic Kitchen will surely have you salivating with joy because they serve quick, healthy, and organic burgers made from Colorado yak along with chicken pot pie. Up for something more adventurous and mouthwatering culinary then Bucksnort Saloon won’t let you down. This real mountain bar is popular for its Old west vibe and graffiti-covered offering great food, drinks, and authentic mountain charm.

Surely, you don’t want to miss out the Elk Falls when you visit Denver.


Difficulty: 8
Distance from Denver: 0.5 to 12 miles

Located north of Indian Peaks and Wilderness area and south of Estes Park, the Wild Basin of Rocky Mountain National Park is the wildest hiking place near Denver. If you’re going to Rocky Mountain National Park, you’ll have a surprising list of lakes and places to hike but one of the most famous is Wild Basin. As you hike your way up there, you’ll meet the enchanting Copeland Falls which is only half a mile from the main trail. Then, Calypso Cascade named for the dashing calypso orchid that grows on its border.

As you hike further into the Wild Basin, you’ll soon witness the beauty and pass through superb river scenery in Ouzel Falls, hikers will find the former reservoir, with excellent wildflower displays at Bluebird Lake which can be found at Wild Basin trail network.

Even though the Wild Basin is 90 minutes’ drive time from Denver, with its beauty, layered collection of lakes, and adventurous hiking trail it’s not a secret why locals and visitors looking for fun love this place. What are you waiting for? Pack up your hiking bag and head over to Rocky Mountain National Park, home to the wildest hiking area Wild Basin.


Difficulty: 9
Distance from Denver: 96 miles

Hikes who love exploring something hidden and underrated rather than go where everyone goes, Stone Lake will leave you in awe. Winner for its classic hike to a mountainous lake. About halfway to the lake, offers wild raspberries for most of the year, and the open area hosts the remains of an old cabin. The surprisingly heavenly Hell Canyon is a sign that you’re about to reach the last, brutal mounting to the lake.

4. Barr Trail

Difficulty: 10
Distance from Denver: 55 miles

Have you put an extreme 14er climb on your bucket list? Then Barr Trail will help you check that off of the list. The Pike Peak Barr Trail is definitely not the easiest to climb, but one of the most beloved of adventure seeker. Leave at the crack of dawn, prepare to camp there. There is a Barr Camp, just 6.5 miles from the trail that accommodates hikers and provides clean restrooms, indoor seating, and even picnic tables. There are restaurants you can find including Manitou Springs, cozy Adam’s Mountain Cafe, and Manitou Brewing Company.

It’s the best place to go during summer and fall months when the leaves are changing, and it’s possible to find snow or ice on the trail which will make the hike unforgettable.  For safety tips, make sure to start hiking as early as possible. Dress appropriately and bring layer, temperature can be -40 F at the peak. Bring plenty of snacks and drinks because the hike will take 6 to 10 hours. In-shape hikers where you at? Barr Trail is waiting for you.