Trip Leader Compliments and Complaints

Trip Leader Compliments and Complaints

We would like to hear your thoughts about our leaders. If someone has done a particularly good job handling a difficult situation, let us know. We recognize outstanding leaders at Denver Group’s annual “Leader Appreciation Night,” and we need your favorable inputs to help in our selections.

On the other hand, if you had a particularly poor experience with a trip leader we need to know that, too. Complaints are handled discretely and professionally for both the reporter and the leader. We let the leader know that an informal complaint was received, but we do not investigate it as an formal incident. Please state if you wish to remain anonymous. Email your compliment or complaint to Linda Lawson, Chair Denver Safety and Leadership Committee.

Note: This is not the place for filing accident, incident or near miss reports. An “accident” report is required if someone on a CMC trip is injured and professional medical care is sought. An “incident” is an alleged violation of jurisdictional law or CMC policies, including the CMC Code of Conduct. A “near miss” is an accident or serious near-accident in which professional medical care is not required. Accidents, incidents and near misses require a written report and are formally investigated for the lessons learned and to help prevent similar accidents/incidents in the future. This can be done with the Incident/Illness/Injury Report Form.



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