Best SEO Content For Marketing Ideas

Have you been thinking of writing content or starting a blog for your digital marketing business? Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, we all share the same struggle with creating content that will surely drive sales or potential leads. 

But for a digital marketer, good content is the heart of SEO. Yes, you read it right! It is the center of Search Engine Optimization.

You might be thinking that buying the highest quality backlinks or implementing all the advanced on-site techniques is all you need for SEO. Hate to break the sad news to you, but if you’re investing in low-quality content, then for sure, you won’t get too far with your SEO. Your content is the final piece of the puzzle that will complete everything. Just think about it this way:

Good backlinks + Advanced on-site optimization + Good content = More site authority and rank

 Here are some tips that can help you generate your Best SEO Content.


Before you even start writing your content, you’ll need a good mix of short and long keywords to target. You need to do your research with every keyword that you want to incorporate. These keywords will help the Google algorithm read what your content is about. 

You can use paid SEO tools. KWFinder, Semrush, and KeywordsEverywhere are some of the excellent choices. If you have ahrefs, then you can also make use of it. Just take your time to research the keywords that you’ll be using in your content. Whether it’ll be used in the title, headings, or the body, make sure that the relevant keyword doesn’t just score low in competition, but also with good data scoring. With this, there’s a higher chance for you to have a great spot in the rankings.


The next step would be to find and know who your target audience is. Yes, the keywords, headings, and content are essential, but it wouldn’t be complete without your target audience, right? 

If you’re a digital marketer and want to offer services to the real estate business, then your content should be of value to realtors. The same goes for whatever niche or audience you want to target. You’ll have to brainstorm or research how you can give valuable content to them, content that they won’t be able to resist. Not all posts need to be about your product or service, but they all should be industry-related.

Do it better than your competition by asserting yourself and your company as an expert in your industry by writing SEO-friendly content that is informative and interesting.

To determine who your target audience will be:

  1. Do they also work for or have business in the same industry?
  2. Is there a niche related to yours?
  3. What value can I give to them?

After figuring out your audience, start organizing and drafting your content. That’s the beginning! Thoughtfully write it.


Strong and interesting headlines always grab the reader’s attention. 80% of the reason for successful SEO content lies in its heading.  Keep in mind that your headline and meta description are what show up in the search results, so make them count! Don’t underestimate the power of titles in your content. You’ll need engaging, clear, and keyword-rich H1s through H6s. 

You want to draw your audience in to read your content? Then use headlines that punch!


Optimizing links is a huge part of it. Using links that have out-of-date information or that are from non-reputable sites will only hurt your ranking, instead of helping.

It always depends on your content itself for you to determine how many links you can use. For example, you can have one to three internal links for a 1,000-word article, and approximately 5-7 external links. 

There are two types of links that you can incorporate into your content:

External: Links to external articles or sources used to give your article depth and back up your claims.

Internal: Links back to your company’s website. These could be a relevant blog post, contact page, and/or shop link.

These are indispensable to creating your SEO, but you must be careful. Using the wrong links can hurt your rankings instead of helping you boost them.