Three Denver Hidden Gem Restaurants Crossing National Borders

If you are looking for multiethnic Asian restaurants in the Denver area, you can easily find one since there is no shortage of such restaurants in the region. You may have already been to such a restaurant that offers a tantalizing menu of Japanese sushi rolls, Chinese dumplings, and Thai curries – where you are able to traverse three Asian countries in a single meal. While the cultural status of Pan-Asian restaurants is contentious, most Asian restauranteurs in the U.S. are quite happy to provide a wide variety of food preparations regardless of their authenticity. Here are three of the best Asian restaurants in the Denver region.

1. Jaya Asian Grill

Jaya Asian Grill is operated by a Vietnamese family in Denver and specializes in Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian cuisine. The father of the family – Leo Tran – is the head chef, and he just enjoys cooking Asian dishes – especially Malaysian, Indonesian, and Singaporean. Tran’s son Kent says that his dad never enjoyed cooking Vietnamese food. Another factor that influenced Tran to prepare dishes from these countries is the restaurant was co-owned with a family friend from Singapore. Hence, Singaporean dishes shine brightly among the restaurant’s many menu options.

The Hainanese chicken rice is a top item on their menu. It’s a classic combination of seasoned coconut rice, juicy poached chicken, and crunchy cucumber. The menu is tailored to meet your tastebuds with a green onion-ginger & chili-tomato sauce. You can wash it all down with a sip of the delicious chicken broth that comes with the meal.

2. Taw Win

Matriarch Halen Lwin owns this restaurant. The restaurant offers a half Thai-Burmese menu with many other favorite dishes found elsewhere in Denver. Lwin is from Southern Myanmar. She was born near the Thai border, where she became familiar with the cuisines of both countries. Lwin participated in a 1988 protest called the 8888 Uprising against the military junta in power at that time. She was a college student during those days. The government cracked down on protestors, and Lwin escaped into the jungle for three years before she came to a Thailand refugee camp.

Taw Win offers classic Thai dishes like pad see ew & papaya salad. In fact, you can best taste Lwin’s cuisine in the mohinga—Myanmar’s national dish, which represents her roots. This bowl of savory fish broth is usually filled with flakes of tilapia and slippery rice noodles – deeply flavored in garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and banana stem.

3. Sushi Kai and Mongolian Cuisine

This restaurant brings Japanese and Mongolian foods together and also caters to diners with dietary restrictions since Mongolian cuisine mostly uses red meat. Chef Wangberg experiments with chicken and vegetarian versions of Mongolian food items for this purpose. Khuushuur—fried pastries filled with organic ground beef & vegetables is a novel dish that you should definitely try out if you visit this restaurant. The seasoned meat first goes into the dough raw to make the pastries juicier in the process. In fact, Mongolian food is heavily spiced for you to savor the rich taste of the meat all on its own.

Mongolian-born Tsegi Wangberg took ownership of this restaurant last December. Her main goal is to bring Mongolian cuisine to Denver. But she plans to add her own flair on top of it

Best Nightlife in Denver


Occidental Bar, found in the Highlands, is the unlikely sibling and the neighbor of Williams & Graham, the premier company that many people know. Occidental, known as low key and punk atmosphere, gives the concept “dive” a good name. It’s got excellent cocktails, punk tunes, and savvy bartenders. Think of it as a dive with class. As far as game watching, Occidental has TVs with large screens, and we all know that large TV screens are all the rage.

Furthermore, if you’re a fan from New York, Occidental is the place to watch the Knicks, Rangers, Mets, Giants, and the Yankees. Occidental also has a well-curated beer list.  This list includes options from national and local craft breweries. The menu consists of popular items such as burgers, but the food is bumped up a notch with organic and local ingredients.  Vegetarian menu items are available as well for those who want to go meatless. 


You’ll find Retrograde behind a freezer door at the back of an ice cream shop. For traditional speakeasies, this is one of Denver’s best bets. The company is warm and welcoming, and it operates without annoying, pretentious vibes. The best way to enjoy Retrograde is by experiencing the spirit of the place as well as the spirits on the menu. Order one of the classic or creative cocktails on the list. Or, tell the bartender what our preferred flavor is and wait to see what the bartender mixes up! If you want a beer and watch the show projected on the wall, such as “Star Trek” or “Game of Thrones,” that’s fine too. Also, while on your way out, stop for housemate ice cream. It makes for a great dessert.


La Rumba involves Latin dance, which consists of both learning it onsite and doing it onsite. Available for ages 21 and up, the club appeals to a diverse crowd that spans multiple generations, ethnicities, and cultures and plays a wide style of Latin music that ranges from salsa, bachata, Cumbria, merengue, and cha-cha. With South Beach and Havana in mind, La Rumba ( brings dancers to a sultry Latin hotspot, despite Denver being outside the doors of the venue. 

And as in South Beach or Havana, guests dress to impress. The dress policy means no ball caps, shorts, tank tops, or flip-flops. So be sure to plan your outfit carefully, and maybe think about turning some heads! Also, on Saturday nights, La Rumba has some of Denver’s top salsa orchestras. No bachata or salsa experience? No problem. There are also beginner dance lessons on most nights. And for those people who aren’t new to the game, there’s also advanced instruction for dancers who already know how to make certain dance moves. 


Into the alley of the mid-Dairy Block, on up the stairs, into the elevator, down a thin underground hallway, and through a door embossed in an etched glass wall, you’ll find Run For The Roses (RFTR), a fancy cocktail lounge that gives off light, sleek aesthetic, and a cozy, intimate feel. Run For The Roses‘ drink menu is a deck of cards, and we mean literally – a deck of cards.  Each card shows a cocktail with its ingredients, from classic to contemporary. If you are an aspiring mixer, you can purchase a deck of cards for $11 and create them all at home.

Here Are Some Covid Friendly Bars/Breweries In Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado is known as a hot spot for some of the top establishments in the state when you want to spend time drinking different types of alcoholic beverages with your closest friends. Fortunately, there are a variety of bars and breweries available to choose from when you’re looking to explore the city and get out on the town. When you’re ready to unwind, there are a few of the top covid-friendly bars and breweries to consider visiting in Denver, Colorado.

Fiction Beer Company

Fiction Beer Company is one of the most unique places in Denver to enjoy a beer because it allows you to spend time reading different literature with books that are available at the location. You’re welcome to sit out on the patio in a quiet and serene setting while reading a fictional story or poem. If you prefer to sit inside, you’ll be surrounded by shelves of books in a setting that is peaceful and calming. Be sure to order the Alternate Present Dark Lager, which will appeal to your sweet tooth with its nodes of chocolate and roasted marshmallows.

Black Shirt Brewing Company

This brewery in RiNo is considered to be a favorite among the locals in Denver because it invites patrons to indulge in delectable pizza while enjoying a delicious tall glass of beer. The patio is a great place to enjoy good conversation and take in the beautiful scenery because of the long tables that are present, which makes it easy to visit the establishment with a large group of people. Order the Alacrity Pilsner, which is one of the top drinks on the menu because of its sharp flavor.

Ratio Beerworks

This quintessential brewery offers drink-in service and also has a patio available to enjoy using if the weather permits. There are also many food truck services available to ensure you have a selection of different types of cuisine while sipping on a pale ale like the Repeater. The location attracts a lot of customers through the summer season because their outdoor space features different types of artwork, picnic tables, and string lights to create a whimsical and cozy setting.

Breckenridge Brewery — Farm House

Breckenridge Brewery has several locations in Colorado, with one of their most popular locations in Littleton. The brewery distances their tables six feet apart and offers spectacular views of the mountains that offer the perfect backdrop as you enjoy a good meal or beverage. Order the Mountain Beach beverage from the menu, which has a slightly sour taste with a hint of pineapple and lime. The sweetness of the guava offers the perfect balance with the combination of different flavors.

Denver Beer Company

As one of the top breweries in the state, Denver Beer Company is laidback and invites you to bring your pets along because of its dog-friendly spaces available. Many people stop by to sip on the Hubbabubbalicious Watermelon Sour, which stands out for its sweet and fruity flavor. If you’re looking for something more traditional, opt for the Princess Yum Yum, which is the most popular drink on the menu.

Cabana X

If you’re in the mood for a tropical getaway after spending most of the year inside on lockdown orders, Cabana X can allow you to enjoy some fresh air as an open-air restaurant in the city. The menu is always changing each month and includes cuisine inspired by Greece, Spain, and Jamaica to ensure you can enjoy exotic flavors and feel like you’re on vacation. The jerk fried chicken and hummus-baba plate pair well with some of the delicious beer served throughout the day.

Denver’s Zoo Is A Must Visit, Here Is Why

Denver Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the United States. It is located in the city of Denver. The zoo has been open for more than forty years. If you want to know the top three reasons to visit Denver Zoo, scroll down to read them.

It is an educational place

Educational activities and programs are offered in the Denver Zoo. Programs include education about wildlife conservation and ecology. For the kids, they can also enjoy elephant safaris, laser tag, and water rides. There are a lot of exciting things to do in the here.

Denver is an amazing city to live in. Many people love to spend their days and nights there. The Denver Zoo offers the most amazing sights around. 

The zoo is enormous. In fact, it is bigger than the Denver Airport. Different entrance ways allow people of all ages to get into the Denver Zoo.

The food

Denver Zoo offers many kinds of food. They offer something for every budget. For those people who want to feed the animals, they also have a pet food line. However, for those who just want to sit and relax, they have a cafe where you can order your lunch or dinner and sit down with your family while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Many fascinating exhibits

Many fascinating displays keep people of many ages entertained because of the large number of animals and plants. Besides just the animals at the Denver Zoo, they also have interactive exhibits that keep the young people entertained. Therefore, when you come to the zoo, you can watch new animals being born, interact with scientists, and much more.

These are just some of the reasons to visit the Denver Zoo. Of course, you will find many other reasons to visit this wonderful facility. You will have a blast just sitting in the lobby and watching all the wonderful things happening. So, take the time to visit this great city and enjoy the beauty and the fun.

The Denver Zoo has several events during their busy hours. Throughout the year, there are many wonderful events taking place at the zoo. During the summer months, you will often find a swimming event, an ice cream social, and a concert taking place in the arena. In addition to these live events, it has two separate gift shops. Therefore, if you are looking to buy some gifts for your loved ones, you will be able to go to these gift shops anytime during the day and purchase the gift that you want.

There are many reasons why many people love going to the Denver Zoo. As mentioned above, if you don’t have the money to spend or are traveling with a large family, it may be the perfect excuse to visit this beautiful zoo. Besides, there are so many other wonderful things to see and do while you’re there.

The zoo is just one attraction that draws many people to Denver. As you can see, there are many reasons why this city is the ideal vacation spot. Therefore, if you plan a trip to the area, you will want to consider all of the above when deciding on a destination. After all, no matter the reason you are going to the Denver Zoo, you’ll be glad that you took the time to check out this beautiful park and zoo.

Overall, this zoo has many exciting and fun amenities that you should check out today. You will be glad that you checked it out and saw them. You will be thrilled with the wide variety of things that you can come do and see. What are you waiting for? Come and see what’s going on at the zoo today; you will be glad that you did. Come travel today!

Here Are a Few of the Best Food Trucks in Denver

Everyone loves a good food truck; they are fast, relatively inexpensive, and fun. The experience they provide is vastly different from that of your normal restaurant, and oftentimes, you’ll find a diamond in the rough. 

In the great city of Denver, a number of food trucks are worth your time and money. However, knowing which ones merit your attention can be difficult to determine. As a result, I have wedged into this article a few of the best food trucks in Denver that specialize in the following areas:

• Tacos
• Indian food

Tacos (Denver Taco Truck)

For all of you taco lovers, one stop at the Denver Taco Truck will have you coming back for more. They pride themselves on fresh ingredients, fast service, and food that is made upon the time of order. 

The Denver Taco Truck, while being a delicious choice, also has a very large menu, which makes it stand out amongst its competitors. If you don’t like the traditional beef taco, have no fear – they have a wide array of choices just for you.

Try their New York strip option, or how about their Teriyaki chicken? If that still does not impress, give the white fish with pineapple salsa a try. No matter what your taste buds desire, it would seem as though there is a choice that is just right for you. 

Indian food (Taj Palace Food Truck)

Taj Palace Food Truck is a great choice for those of you wanting to delve into something unique and different, or for those of you who love making Indian food a reoccurring choice. Taj Palace Food Truck stands out among the crowd and blazes its own trail. 

With authentic Indian food scattered throughout their menu, you can be sure your tasting experience will be unparalleled at Taj Palace Food Truck. For those of you who love curry dishes, here is a great choice for you! You can select either their lamb or their chicken curry.

If you are in the mood for something sweet, try the Gulab Jamun. This delicious doughnut is like none other. It is a milk donut that is soaked in syrup. I’ll warn you – don’t try it if you only want to eat just one.  

BBQ (The Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck)

The Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck is a great food truck option for BBQ lovers. Enjoy some of the greatest BBQ in the city from a humble little truck. The team over at Pig Rig has over two decades of experience that they bring to the table. 

This experience, mixed with a BBQ-style approach to making food, will surely impress even those who only minutely enjoy the flavor of BBQ. Enjoy roasted pork, braised brisket, blackened chicken, and even a veggie burger.

If you make a stop at the Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck, make sure not to forget some of their classic BBQ sides such as macaroni and cheese or baked beans.


Whether your senses are driving you toward a tasty taco meal or a traditional BBQ dish, there are undoubtedly great food truck options for you in Denver. If you still find yourself unsatisfied, walk down to the Taj Palace Food Truck and step out of your comfort zone. You will be glad you did.


Hitting the trail with just a very few essentials that you need is the adventure of hiking and camping. You must know or determine how far you’re planning to hike, what the weather forecast has in store for you, and how remote the location is – all of these will help you think of what essential things you need to put in your backpack. Why? Because the colder the weather and the more remote the hike is, the more food, water, and clothing you need. 

Here are the things you need in your backpack before you even hit the road for a hike. We’ve listed it down to help you pack.


Take note that the number of people involved and your trip’s length will affect what’s in your First Aid kit. It should include adhesive tape, pain medication, adhesive bandages of various sizes, blister patches, nitrile gloves, gauze pads, pen, paper, and disinfecting ointment.

Carrying a compact guide for dealing with medical emergencies is also a great idea. 


It’s important to understand that your tent is the only emergency shelter that you have with you at all times. Emergency shelter is vital to have in your backpack. In case you get injured or stranded, it will protect you from the rain and wind. Also, include a bivy sack, an emergency space blanket, a plastic trash bag, and an ultralight tarp. 


You surely need modern navigation tools if you’re planning on hiking or camping in a remote area. 

Satellite messenger and PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) are used to alert emergency personnel if you need help. They work in remote places even without a signal and when your phone is useless.

GPS devices will let you accurately find your location on a digital map. Most of these devices are weatherproof and rugged for specifically outdoor traveling.

A geographic map or a topographic map will help you and guide you on any trip, and you don’t have to worry about technology failing. Also, an altimeter watch will allow you to determine an approximate of your elevation. It has a barometric sensor to provide GPS data and to measure air pressure. Don’t forget a compass in the case you become disoriented in the backcountry. It goes along well with good map-reading knowledge.


Sunscreen, sun protection clothing, and sunglasses are a must on your packing list. Always wear it to protect yourself, or it could result in potentially premature skin aging, cataracts in the long term, snow blindness, sunburn, and skin cancer. It’s recommended to apply SPF 30 for extended outdoor activities. And of course, sun protection clothing is the most effective way to block UV rays. To learn more about sun protection clothing, check this website.


When starting and maintaining a fire, you need to have reliable supplies. This is important in case there is an emergency. When your trip is in a snowy place or above treeline, where firewood is not available, a travel stove is recommended since it can represent a source for potable water and emergency heat. Make sure to put the matches on a waterproof container or to take waterproof matches.


When venturing out in the dark woods or the night, you’ll need a light source. Keeping your hands free for all types of tasks is one of the few reasons why a headlamp is preferable for most travelers and hikers. Also, don’t forget to carry extra batteries with you just in case of an emergency. 


Every adult in your group should carry a knife. We all know that knives are convenient for emergency needs, food preparation, kindle a fire, first aid, and many other things making it an essential item. Along with it, you should have a small gear repair kit, which should include cordage, fabric repair tape, zip ties, duct tape, tent poles, crampons, stove sleeping pad, repair parts for your water filter if you have one, and safety pins. Remember, the more remote you are, the more critical your kit becomes. 

As years pass by, rather than just listing essential individual items, it evolves into a system. The list of essential things could go on and on, but it really just comes down to this system:

  • First aid: which should include the basics to treat a wound.
  • Shelter: A tent or a light emergency bivy.
  • Navigation: Satellite messenger, map, PLB, altimeter, compass, and GPS Device
  • Sun Protection: sunscreen, sunglasses, and sun-protective clothes
  • Fire: stove and tinder, lighter, matches
  • Headlamp: with extra batteries
  • Extra Food: Beyond the minimum expectation
  • Knife: and gear repair kit
  • Clothes: add extra clothes in case of an emergency
  • Water: always carry extra water with you.


The State Capital of Colorado is definitely the best place to live. With its diverse mix of urban excitement and Rocky Mountain charm, it’s no wonder why locals and visitors love its neighborhoods. Its tourist attractions blend seamlessly with stunning viewpoints, local and global restaurants, collections of homes that you’ll surely love, each with its unique flair and style. You’ll want to take advantage of its easy access to public transportation, highways, and the city’s easy walkability. 

We’ve taken note of some of the hippest neighborhoods to live in Denver. 


This neighborhood is known for having plenty of ethnic restaurants, cafes, shops, and modern-designed houses. With its proximity to the Highlands, this neighborhood offers great views that can be seen from just about every home. You’ll get to enjoy places here that are loved by locals and travelers alike, such as Bacon Social House. Some of the most popular attractions in Denver sit in this very neighborhood, all while preserving its richly filled history.

The quiet and family-friendly neighborhood of Sunnyside has easy access to Interstate 25 and I-70. You can bike ride downtown or hop on one of many bus routes that go through here. There are easy on-street parking spaces, so you don’t need to worry about your car. 


This hip and trendy neighborhood has made a distinction for being dubbed as RINO or “Where art is made”. It has colorful murals that add beauty all around the area. If you love art with a combination of remarkable restoration and urban charm, then RINO is the spot you’re looking for. 

This is one of the top 10 must-visit neighborhoods in the United States. Art galleries, dining places, house jazz bars, working studios, and brewpubs make this residential area a bit lively. Having its own unique character and an artistic vibe, RINO is undoubtedly one of Denver’s coolest neighborhoods.


Fun shops, enticing public house, streets that you can stroll, and Elitch Garden is what usually comes into mind if you hear the word Highland. But there’s more into that. You can find victorian homes and buildings bordering the neighborhood. With its luxurious amenities, this vibrant and family-friendly neighborhood has been one of the best places to live for a while. 

There’s no shortage of things to do around this neighborhood, with its rich history that would surely provide you all you’re looking for.


This residential district is filled with a bohemian vibe and is dotted with stately old mansions. As soon as you set your foot in this neighborhood, you’ll see a vibrant mix of culture, arts, and Colorado history. Some of Denver’s finest museums can be found here, along with historic galleries, museums, fine-art studios, restaurants, coffeehouses and bistros, and specialty stores. After dark, late-night coffee houses and hip bars make this area come alive. This funky neighborhood is also nearby some fun places to check out, sites like the Denver Botanical Garden, Denver Selfie Museum, ScooTours Denver Scooter Rental, and more.

It’s no secret why the neighborhood is a great place to live for you and your family.

If you are thinking of moving or visiting one of these parts of towns, you’ve made a wise decision. If you need help finding a reliable real estate agent in the city, here are some tips for finding one. Really, there are plenty of trendy neighborhoods in Denver, each with diverse homes, businesses, and buildings, but you can’t go wrong with one of the ones mentioned above. 

In reality, most residential areas in Denver offer superb amenities, recreational centers, community parks, and activities. If you are wondering about the schools, some neighborhoods have a high-end educational system, both private and public schools. Whether visiting town or calling it home, be sure to explore, because this city has a ton to offer. 


There’s a seemingly endless collection of the best hiking places with spectacular views. Short driving time to the mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and beautiful places to hike. Colorado is very popular for its diverse array of beauty from the easy and short trail of Denver’s Iconic Red Rock Parks, to the High Country Rocky Mountain National park that requires a long drive. Just bring your pet or your loved ones and enjoy the ride.

Today, we’re going to talk more about the best hiking trails in Denver that you shouldn’t miss out if you love adventure and mind-blowing scenery. 


Difficulty: 7
Distance from Denver: 39 miles

Elk Falls is one of Staunton State Park’s hidden gem. This falls passes through massive granite and large ponderosa pine. Elk Falls is prominent for being the tallest waterfall begins which elevates at 8,200 feet and gains an addition of nine-hundred feet. Nearly 4000 acres offers a lot of cool things for you and your family to enjoy, including streams to cool your feet off in, a well-varied natural rock climbing area, and of course if you love fishing, then Elk Falls Pond is the right place to go.

Tired and hungry from hiking?  Taspen’s Cosmic Kitchen will surely have you salivating with joy because they serve quick, healthy, and organic burgers made from Colorado yak along with chicken pot pie. Up for something more adventurous and mouthwatering culinary then Bucksnort Saloon won’t let you down. This real mountain bar is popular for its Old west vibe and graffiti-covered offering great food, drinks, and authentic mountain charm.

Surely, you don’t want to miss out the Elk Falls when you visit Denver.


Difficulty: 8
Distance from Denver: 0.5 to 12 miles

Located north of Indian Peaks and Wilderness area and south of Estes Park, the Wild Basin of Rocky Mountain National Park is the wildest hiking place near Denver. If you’re going to Rocky Mountain National Park, you’ll have a surprising list of lakes and places to hike but one of the most famous is Wild Basin. As you hike your way up there, you’ll meet the enchanting Copeland Falls which is only half a mile from the main trail. Then, Calypso Cascade named for the dashing calypso orchid that grows on its border.

As you hike further into the Wild Basin, you’ll soon witness the beauty and pass through superb river scenery in Ouzel Falls, hikers will find the former reservoir, with excellent wildflower displays at Bluebird Lake which can be found at Wild Basin trail network.

Even though the Wild Basin is 90 minutes’ drive time from Denver, with its beauty, layered collection of lakes, and adventurous hiking trail it’s not a secret why locals and visitors looking for fun love this place. What are you waiting for? Pack up your hiking bag and head over to Rocky Mountain National Park, home to the wildest hiking area Wild Basin.


Difficulty: 9
Distance from Denver: 96 miles

Hikes who love exploring something hidden and underrated rather than go where everyone goes, Stone Lake will leave you in awe. Winner for its classic hike to a mountainous lake. About halfway to the lake, offers wild raspberries for most of the year, and the open area hosts the remains of an old cabin. The surprisingly heavenly Hell Canyon is a sign that you’re about to reach the last, brutal mounting to the lake.

4. Barr Trail

Difficulty: 10
Distance from Denver: 55 miles

Have you put an extreme 14er climb on your bucket list? Then Barr Trail will help you check that off of the list. The Pike Peak Barr Trail is definitely not the easiest to climb, but one of the most beloved of adventure seeker. Leave at the crack of dawn, prepare to camp there. There is a Barr Camp, just 6.5 miles from the trail that accommodates hikers and provides clean restrooms, indoor seating, and even picnic tables. There are restaurants you can find including Manitou Springs, cozy Adam’s Mountain Cafe, and Manitou Brewing Company.

It’s the best place to go during summer and fall months when the leaves are changing, and it’s possible to find snow or ice on the trail which will make the hike unforgettable.  For safety tips, make sure to start hiking as early as possible. Dress appropriately and bring layer, temperature can be -40 F at the peak. Bring plenty of snacks and drinks because the hike will take 6 to 10 hours. In-shape hikers where you at? Barr Trail is waiting for you.