Here Are Some Covid Friendly Bars/Breweries In Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado is known as a hot spot for some of the top establishments in the state when you want to spend time drinking different types of alcoholic beverages with your closest friends. Fortunately, there are a variety of bars and breweries available to choose from when you’re looking to explore the city and get out on the town. When you’re ready to unwind, there are a few of the top covid-friendly bars and breweries to consider visiting in Denver, Colorado.

Fiction Beer Company

Fiction Beer Company is one of the most unique places in Denver to enjoy a beer because it allows you to spend time reading different literature with books that are available at the location. You’re welcome to sit out on the patio in a quiet and serene setting while reading a fictional story or poem. If you prefer to sit inside, you’ll be surrounded by shelves of books in a setting that is peaceful and calming. Be sure to order the Alternate Present Dark Lager, which will appeal to your sweet tooth with its nodes of chocolate and roasted marshmallows.

Black Shirt Brewing Company

This brewery in RiNo is considered to be a favorite among the locals in Denver because it invites patrons to indulge in delectable pizza while enjoying a delicious tall glass of beer. The patio is a great place to enjoy good conversation and take in the beautiful scenery because of the long tables that are present, which makes it easy to visit the establishment with a large group of people. Order the Alacrity Pilsner, which is one of the top drinks on the menu because of its sharp flavor.

Ratio Beerworks

This quintessential brewery offers drink-in service and also has a patio available to enjoy using if the weather permits. There are also many food truck services available to ensure you have a selection of different types of cuisine while sipping on a pale ale like the Repeater. The location attracts a lot of customers through the summer season because their outdoor space features different types of artwork, picnic tables, and string lights to create a whimsical and cozy setting.

Breckenridge Brewery — Farm House

Breckenridge Brewery has several locations in Colorado, with one of their most popular locations in Littleton. The brewery distances their tables six feet apart and offers spectacular views of the mountains that offer the perfect backdrop as you enjoy a good meal or beverage. Order the Mountain Beach beverage from the menu, which has a slightly sour taste with a hint of pineapple and lime. The sweetness of the guava offers the perfect balance with the combination of different flavors.

Denver Beer Company

As one of the top breweries in the state, Denver Beer Company is laidback and invites you to bring your pets along because of its dog-friendly spaces available. Many people stop by to sip on the Hubbabubbalicious Watermelon Sour, which stands out for its sweet and fruity flavor. If you’re looking for something more traditional, opt for the Princess Yum Yum, which is the most popular drink on the menu.

Cabana X

If you’re in the mood for a tropical getaway after spending most of the year inside on lockdown orders, Cabana X can allow you to enjoy some fresh air as an open-air restaurant in the city. The menu is always changing each month and includes cuisine inspired by Greece, Spain, and Jamaica to ensure you can enjoy exotic flavors and feel like you’re on vacation. The jerk fried chicken and hummus-baba plate pair well with some of the delicious beer served throughout the day.

Great Camping Spots in Colorado to Escape the City

Colorado, a place of majestic beauty, wilderness, and wildness, is a wonderful state to explore. Whether you want to scale one of Colorado’s 58 mountains that reach over 14,000 feet (the 14ers) or fish in burbling streams or view the incredible Milky Way at night, you’ll find your getaway. Here are some wonderful memory making camping spots.

The best site in the Rocky Mountain National Park is the Moraine Park Campground with awe inspiring views from almost every campsite. 

  • You can hike, bike or ride a horse along rivers and lakes, up mountains and through meadows.
  • This campground is open all year long, perfect for cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. 
  • Wildlife is plentiful. The chipmunks are friendly and deer wander close. 
  • Trails to Alberta Falls or one of the multiple lakes are particularly gorgeous in the fall.

Two of the most photographed mountains in Colorado, the Maroon Bells are twin peaks that look like bells and are colored…well, maroon. 

  • The color is due to oxidized hematite in the soft mudstone.
  • Unlike most of the Rockies, the Bells are sedimentary rock, formed from the weathering of the range called the Ancient Rockies.
  • Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak are two of Colorado’s 14ers.
  • There are several campgrounds in the area. Campsites go quickly. Get reservations now.
  • Well-kept trails trails lead to Maroon Lake, Maroon Creek and Crater Lake.
  • During the winter, the T-Lazy-7 Ranch offers snowmobile tours of the Bells.

Close to Steamboat Springs and to two hot springs resorts, Buffalo Pass is a dirt road that climbs to over 10,000 feet.

  • Trails lead to Summit Lake at the top of the pass. 
  • There are campgrounds close to town and at Summit Lake. 
  • Kayaking and self-powered boating is permitted on the lake, along with fishing.
  • The views from the top of the pass of the North Park and Yampa valleys are breathtaking. 
  • Be cautious at the top. Be aware of the symptoms of altitude sickness at these elevations. 
  • Watch the weather carefully. Sudden storms can appear out of nowhere. 
  • And bring industrial strength mosquito repellant.

For a different experience, Great Sand Dunes National Park is unique. The park includes trails through aspen and pine forest and into the Sangre de Cristo Range. 

  • You can sandboard down the tallest dunes in the country – over 700 feet. Be careful though. The sands can get very hot.
  • Sleds and sandboards are available for rent.
  • In the spring and early summer, Medano Creek creates a beach at the bottom of the dunes.
  • Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sit at night watching the spectacular starry sky.
  • The park is dog-friendly.

When snow falls on Shavano Mountain, named for Chief Shavano of the Utes, the form of an angel appears.

  • The campground is small with only 20 sites. No reservations are taken. First come, first served.
  • Set in a spruce and aspen forest along a stream, the sites have gorgeous views.
  • Hiking, biking, climbing, fishing are the main recreational activities.
  • The elevation is 9200 feet. Watch for signs of altitude sickness.

Each of these locations will give you days of tranquility and rest or adventure and excitement. Your choice. Create wonderful memories and take incredible photos while you enjoy some of the most majestic scenery on earth.