Here Are a Few of the Best Food Trucks in Denver

Everyone loves a good food truck; they are fast, relatively inexpensive, and fun. The experience they provide is vastly different from that of your normal restaurant, and oftentimes, you’ll find a diamond in the rough. 

In the great city of Denver, a number of food trucks are worth your time and money. However, knowing which ones merit your attention can be difficult to determine. As a result, I have wedged into this article a few of the best food trucks in Denver that specialize in the following areas:

• Tacos
• Indian food

Tacos (Denver Taco Truck)

For all of you taco lovers, one stop at the Denver Taco Truck will have you coming back for more. They pride themselves on fresh ingredients, fast service, and food that is made upon the time of order. 

The Denver Taco Truck, while being a delicious choice, also has a very large menu, which makes it stand out amongst its competitors. If you don’t like the traditional beef taco, have no fear – they have a wide array of choices just for you.

Try their New York strip option, or how about their Teriyaki chicken? If that still does not impress, give the white fish with pineapple salsa a try. No matter what your taste buds desire, it would seem as though there is a choice that is just right for you. 

Indian food (Taj Palace Food Truck)

Taj Palace Food Truck is a great choice for those of you wanting to delve into something unique and different, or for those of you who love making Indian food a reoccurring choice. Taj Palace Food Truck stands out among the crowd and blazes its own trail. 

With authentic Indian food scattered throughout their menu, you can be sure your tasting experience will be unparalleled at Taj Palace Food Truck. For those of you who love curry dishes, here is a great choice for you! You can select either their lamb or their chicken curry.

If you are in the mood for something sweet, try the Gulab Jamun. This delicious doughnut is like none other. It is a milk donut that is soaked in syrup. I’ll warn you – don’t try it if you only want to eat just one.  

BBQ (The Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck)

The Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck is a great food truck option for BBQ lovers. Enjoy some of the greatest BBQ in the city from a humble little truck. The team over at Pig Rig has over two decades of experience that they bring to the table. 

This experience, mixed with a BBQ-style approach to making food, will surely impress even those who only minutely enjoy the flavor of BBQ. Enjoy roasted pork, braised brisket, blackened chicken, and even a veggie burger.

If you make a stop at the Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck, make sure not to forget some of their classic BBQ sides such as macaroni and cheese or baked beans.


Whether your senses are driving you toward a tasty taco meal or a traditional BBQ dish, there are undoubtedly great food truck options for you in Denver. If you still find yourself unsatisfied, walk down to the Taj Palace Food Truck and step out of your comfort zone. You will be glad you did.